Repairs and Maintenance


Repairs and Maintenance

While our trucking manufacturing solutions are built to last, no vehicle can truly stand the test of time. With the pressure your heavy transport vehicles and equipment are under, repairs and maintenance are crucial for any industry.

To help extend the lifespan of your vehicles we offer full repair and maintenance services. We can design specialized parts and fittings, source additional parts and accessories, and even perform a complete revamp and overhaul of your vehicles and equipment.

With our certifications and years of experience in repairs, maintenance, and refurbishments, we at Morgan Engineering are confident to take on any project that could do with a little repair TLC.

We are qualified to undertake repairs and maintenance for the following:

  • Truck Chassis
  • Roll Over Protection
  • Tailgates
  • Drawbars
  • Truck and Trailer Bodies
  • COF Repairs
  • Tow Eye Replacement
  • Insurance Repairs

Flat Deck

The ultimate addition to any fleet. We guarantee that our flat deck truck and trailer building combinations will help you transport your goods safely and securely while lasting longer than what you’re used to.


Our tankers have been operating for several years countrywide with consistent success. Our heavy transport vehicles are manufactured to transport liquids, gasoline, or dry products in bulk – and we ensure each of our trailers are as fortified and robust as the next. Through our tankers, we strive to offer our clients not only the most user-friendly operation trailer systems, but limitless trailer building options too.

Specialised Units

Because every client is different, we offer customizable trailer building options to suit your specific needs. For example, we’ve manufactured Livestock Trailers which have proven incredibly safe and durable – even when travelling across the toughest terrain in the country.