Morgan Engineering, Specialises in customer satisfaction, therefore offering each user their own right to be involved in their end product whether it be a one off, or high volume project.


We are confident that our product will surpass any expectations, add to your bottom line, and deliver service and durability second to none, making you a lifetime customer. At Morgan Engineering we stand behind every weld, machine cut, and coat of paint, giving you the comfort of knowing your product has support. Delivery times represent a commitment from us and we gaurantee your satisfaction.

Trailer Manufacture

Morgan Engineering, Aluminium tip units provide the end user with a very high standard of finish and durability, coming in a wide variation of combinations we are able to tailor your next unit to specifically meet your demands, at very low tare weights.

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Flat Decks

flat deck trailers

Curtain Siders

curtain sider trailers


tipper trucks


tanker trucks


specialised truck trailers

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