Morgan Engineering, Specialises in customer satisfaction, therefore offering each user their own right to be involved in their end product whether it be a one off, or high volume project.

Morgan Engineering, Aluminium tip units provide the end user with a very high standard of finish and durability, coming in a wide variation of combinations we are able to tailor your next unit to specifically meet your demands, at very low tare weights.

Morgan Engineering, Flat deck truck and trailer combinations have proven to give the end user great lifespan from their combinations, paired with customer input and a high rate of engineering, these units make an outstanding addition to any fleet.

Morgan Engineering, Tankers have been operating for several years throughout the country with overall success, we strive to offer users a very friendly operational system with trailers, and again the options with these trailers are limitless.

Morgan Engineering, Curtainsiders are yet another highly innovative product, paired with our heavy transport knowledge and that of one of NZ's most recommended body builders gives the end user a huge variation of combinations, providing low tare, and exceedingly high cube options.

Morgan Engineering, Specialised units such as Livestock Trailers have over time become to be well known as very robust and efficient units within individual fleets, with proven track records amongst some of the toughest terrain in the country, these trailers have kept up with the times and will do for years to come.

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